Never apologise

Ok, I can almost hear it … “What, are you mad?” or “Seriously?!” … Before you get all out there, let me elaborate … I’ve seen it before, god knows, I’ve SAID it before, however … NEVER APOLOGISE FOR SOMETHING JUST BECAUSE OTHER’S DON’T LIKE IT!

It’s crazy isn’t it, but I know I’ve done it. I remember, (some years ago) delivering a kick ass presentation which would save the business I worked for a substantial amount of money by redefining store structures, responsibilities and scheduling … If I say so myself it was EPIC! Being slightly OCD, I’d researched it, I’d tested it, I’d sought key stakeholder opinions, I’d covered the bases and I KNEW it was massive! As I walked off, someone (who shall remain nameless) said “It may work but I didn’t like how it was presented so I don’t think I’ll implement it” (newsflash ⚡️-he didn’t have a choice, it got approved), but at the time … Speechless … I went from elation to sub zero!

This ‘man’ crushed me (momentarily) and rather than hold my own, in that split second I went from heaven to hell. He was a key stakeholder, an influencer, but he was also a challenging chauvenist, renowned for calling black white. What did I do? I apologised 😵! Seriously, I’d gone on that stage owning it, ready to take on the world, but the opinion (I’ll come to that), of this one man had metaphorically bought me to my knees … I apologised because he didn’t like how I’d presented!? What the **** … It was almost like the words tumbled out without my awareness. As I said them, I felt my power dwindle, I was willing time to rewind! I wasn’t really sorry, it just came out! So what happened? With hindsight, I know what happened … I let opinions impact me.

Now let’s be honest, we all have opinions and that’s cool. That’s the beauty of the world, freedom of choice and different viewpoints makes for an eclectic mix and new ideas … However … Remember that opinions are just that … Someone elses viewpoint. Me, I love opinions, I love a challenge, I love a debate (if you know me, you know this is true), but exactly that; a level playing field, mature, professional debate. No malice, no scoring points, no struggle and no winning.

So why are we afraid of our power? I hear it from the ladies I speak with all too often … Scared, concerned, worried, unsure about how their ideas/shift/thoughts/proposal will be percieved. Why? Because it’s high level, because it’s different, because they’re showing up, because they’re owning their space! *Note, there is a difference between being ‘all in’ and just being a big old know it all (don’t be the latter).

My advice to every single one of them … YES, YES YES 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼…


Me, I work to 3 simple rules, so long as it’s not:

  • Illegal;
  • Immoral;
  • Unethical

… then I’m running with it … Truth be told, if you’re making a difference, if you’re making changes, if you’re on your path, not everyone is going to like it, not everyone is going to agree, and you know what? That’s ok! Keep going!

So with hindsight, I should have kept my focus, kept the knowledge and rather than apologise I could’ve:

  1. Thanked him for his feedback and bought it back to the presentation;
  2. Disregarded his comment and walked away;
  3. Got into a killer debate and annihilated him;

Ok, maybe 3. would have been fun but 1. would’ve been the killer, powerhouse move to bust out!

So ladies, if you’re sat there now, in a shifting place, ready to step into your truth, dipping your toe in the water … Know this … You were put on this earth for a reason and ladies, go own it!

Keep your standards high, keep your intentions pure and go be the powerhouse that you are. If you know you’re stuff, if you have passion, pure intention and conviction, never apologise. If someone challenges you, challenge back. If someone belittles or pulls you down ‘never apologise for being a powerful %&£@ing woman’. Smile, walk away, and if your louboutins happen to accidently impale their foot on the way out, so be it! #Joke 😉.

Much love,

Laura x

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Laura Jobes