You don’t need to be saved!

I’m going to fess up … I’ve been feeling vulnerable, I’ve been feeling overloaded, I’ve been feeling pulled. No this isn’t a pity party (I don’t do those!), it’s an honesty moment.

Now for someone who has been labelled (by others) as a ‘duracell bunny’ and ‘superwoman’, this is massively unfamiliar and being quite frank, scary territory! I’m slightly (ehmmm) obsessed about detail, have a crazy high standard and am too harsh on myself. Is that a bad thing? Maybe, but not for me. I’m happy with it, it’s got me to where I am today and that’s been a pretty crazy and fun experience so far.

Now back to the moment … You know when you have a crazy few days, weeks, months? Everything needs doing now and no matter how well you plan and do, the hours just slip away!? Maybe your sat there going “yes, yes, yes, that’s me!”, maybe you’ve felt like that before, maybe you’ll feel like that in the future … So for those moments when it happens, I want to share this with you … WE ALL HAVE THOSE MOMENTS. To a greater or lesser extent we all have those moments (long and short) and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

It’s rough isn’t it, it’s easy to want to shut down, drop it all, down tools, retreat to the bed and eat nutella by the spoonful (just me?!), but hold up … Us ladies don’t do that &*%$! Remember … We don’t give up! You, are destined for greatness. It’s there waiting for you and newsflash ⚡️ ‘ You don’t need to be saved!’ ⚡️

Ladies, we are not Rapunzel in an ivory tower (though seriously Tangled is one of my favourite films ever ❤️). We got this &^%$ covered!

So I’m in the thick of the fog now, a million things are commanding my attention. I’ve written lists (self proclaimed 👑 of list writing!), I’ve prioritised, I’ve said “No” (a whole other post), and still I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. I have a million reasons to not even do this blog post (the list is calling me), but in thinking about this, I had my clarity moment … I realised that I ❤️ writing these, I ❤️ sharing and if I can help just one lady go “Oh my hell, I’m not alone!”, then my ramblings were all worth it!

So today I’ll share with you some signs of vulnerability, overwhelm and pull, maybe you have the same, maybe some others:

  • Unable to switch off and poor quality of sleep;
  • Inability to focus;
  • Comparison to others;
  • Knot in your stomach or that feeling of “I’ve forgotten something”;
  • Never getting on top of the to do’s;
  • Lack of enjoyment;
  • Tension, fraught;
  • Retreating to your own company;

… the list could continue, but the point is that once you know them, once you recognise that those signs are rearing their not so pretty head, once you know you’re tipping points (before you get there), you can acknowledge them, embrace them and do something to get you back on track and back on with your path to your destiny.

Now it’s cool to have support, cool to have others around you that you can vent to, cool to have someone help, but here’s the thing … IT STARTS WITH YOU! You have a choice to stay in the state, stay in the depths, look outwards, maybe blame others, or you can grab it by the balls (so to speak), accept where you are, accept the challenge, accept the learning and then look to yourself … After all, who knows you better than you? No one! You know you better than anyone else ever will, so why wait for someone else to swoop in with their magic glitter dust and sweep you out?! I mean seriously, you’re a strong kick ass, independant, sassy, confident lady who knows her $%^), so why are you waiting for a knight in shining armour (or a queen in Valentinos) … You are truly your own hero. The power is all in you!


You don’t need to be saved … So if you’re at that point now, you’ve got a seat next to me (bring the popcorn!), or if you feel like this in the future (and chances are you will), then I want to share some coping action strategies:

  • Acknowledge it’s ok, ok to feel like that, after all you’re human, you have emotions;
  • Prioritise, like seriously be brutal with what has to be done to meet your goals (no it’s not selfish);
  • Delegate, what can you outsource, business or personal;
  • Eliminate, drop the things that aren’t necessary, seriously, drop them, what can other people do;
  • Keep moving, keep doing, keep creating, keep moving (forewards not backwards);

Once you acknowledge where you are, get ready because this is the fun bit! You aren’t in a hole, you aren’t looking upwards for a miracle so go get your superhero outfit on … Or in my terms, get your fav kick ass outfit on, put your red lipstick on, tower in your heels and get ready to get you’re head out of the fog and in the game. You don’t need to be saved … you are your own saviour. Stop looking externally and get god damn brutal with yourself, if you were advising your best friend you’d give them honesty and suggestions, so do that ^%$£ to yourself!

Become your own superhero … Go rock your power outfit (cape is optional) and get yourself back on your path, be brutal, be selfish, cut the excuses and get laser focused. Focused not as if in “I’ll try”, but as if in “My life depends on it!’, after all you have dreams, aspirations, desires, goals and you know what … You don’t need to be saved … Become your own superhero … Save yourself! Just know that when you feel alone, look around, I promise you, you’re surrounded by other superhero’s, women, superheros come in all shapes and sizes, so say hi, give them a smile ☺️ after all, we rock!

Much love,

Laura x

What’s your superhero outfit of choice?

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