Catch me if you can

Straight to the point … It’s time to address the metaphorical elephant in the room; not everyone has your back, not everyone has your best interests at ❤️. Bottom line is not everyone is your best friend (regardless of how they act), not everyone really gives a damn about you … Especially in the business world … Shocker! Do I say this to hurt you? No not at all, I say this to help you!

You see there are some amazing people out there, some amazing experts who are &*)% hot at what they do and truly deserve the title ‘expert’, but there are also a hell load of how should I term it? Well, put it this way, you know the character Leonardo de Caprio played in “Catch Me If You Can”? If you do, you’ll catch my drift.

See I’m one of the biggest champions of people (especially women) stepping up, owning their gift, sharing their gift and making a difference to others with their products or services. I truly believe (and know from my own experience) that it’s possible to do this, to love what you do and make a bloody good income all on your terms and around your commitments.

Sound cuckoo? Sound an impossible dream? Sound like a Facebook ad? I hear you, I know it does. I see it being sold on my own timeline:

  • ‘How I made multi seven figures overnight’
  • ‘From destitute to millionaire in 3 minutes’
  • ‘One click and you’ll have xxxxx ideal clients ready to pay’

… Ok, a little (but not much) of an over exaggeration. Now just for the record*, I’m not saying these statements aren’t true, but, when I see these I feel a mixture of emotions and mainly I feel ‘porcupine syndrome’ (my prickles go up on a major scale). See, maybe they are true**, maybe these people can take you from here to Neverneverland, but personally (my opinion so no one can argue), my big ‘ole BSometer starts flashing and the sirens are blazing!

Am I sceptic, no not really; I believe that people can build kick ass businesses, I believe they can go from zero to hero, I believe they can take an idea from concept to reality. I truly believe that we impose our own limitations and that some people just find it easier to strip away the limitations.

  • Does that mean that they are better? No!
  • Does that mean that there’s less out there for you? No!
  • Does that mean you should file your dreams away? Hell No!

We can all have what we want, there’s no Scrooge McDuck style money mountain, no when its gone its gone. It grows and evolves … Newsflash … The income and life you want, you can have!


See this is the fun part! So you have a dream, a vision, one that gives you that ready brek type glow … What are you doing about it? I mean seriously, do you want to make it a reality or are you going to continue to stare at the pretty pictures on your board? Tough love Laura comes out at times like this; the old HRD, ‘let’s do it’ part of me, and I hate to see anyone (especaially women) waste their potential.

Look at it like this;

  • You want to do a launch for your new product
  • You want to sack your boss
  • You want to put out a high converting FB ad
  • You want to turn your passion into a business
  • You want to sell your product or service

… Add in your own ‘want’ and you get the picture. So as I see it, you have 2 main options;

  1. Figure it out yourself. Read all the books, download all the freebies, listen to all the podcasts, join all the FB groups … Tick tock, tick tock the time is adding up.
  2. Find an expert to help you. You tell them what you want, the outcomes you want and they use their expertise, their knowledge to help you get them … K’ching that costs £.

Simple-it depends what you want, when and by what means.

It’s all very easy to get consumed with the free stuff (and there are some excellent ones; mine included 😉), but it’s so easy to spend time consumed with all the free stuff to the point of “do you actually need that?” You’re taking a 5 day challenge on crocheting when all you wanted to do was learn how to create an instagram post … Familiar? Time has gone by and you’re still non the wiser, but you do have a lovely mermaid blanket!

Or you could go and find an expert. You want to learn how to turn your idea into a business? Cool! Go find a coach, an expert who can help you do this. No wasted hours, no distractions, it’s all about solutions, however it will cost you (that’s why you’re paying an expert for their expertise). I hear you wincing, the thought of investing, especially when there’s a You Tube video that can show you, but really, how much of a priority is it? You can spend low or high, your choice. You don’t have to spend five figures but a little tip, and one which is based on pain and experience … If you really want to turn that vision into a reality which sees you saying bye to the minus on the bank statement and sipping cosmos by 3pm on Friday, get an expert. Trust me, it’ll save you pain and suffering when you get the right one.

So you’ve thought about it. You’re about to embalk on a ‘5 days to being a yoga goddess’ when you should be building your business and you know you need help #guilty.

Now here’s the minefield … Who do you choose? What’s the right cost? How can I not afford it? Maybe I should just do it myself?! What do I need first? How can I afford it? Wait, I know there’s options, I know there’s choices and I personally think it’s great! There’s a whole host of people there to help you.

Just a little word of caution and back to my starting point … Not everything is as it seems, not everyone has your dream as their priority. So before you start, here’s a couple of tips to help you should you decide to invest (yes I said invest). This is an investment in you. You deserve it and I truly believe that when you fill your cup it runs over to others. So here goes:

  • Think seriously about what is the main thing you need help with; clarity, strategy, product launch, FB ads, mindset, pricing, sales, PR, social media.
  • When you know what you need help with, search for an expert in that field primarily. If you want a FB ads expert then don’t hire a strategy coach who does FB ads as extra. They may be able to help you, but remember you wanted a FB ads expert.
  • Look around in your search for your match (no swiping left here)! The wonders of social media and the internet mean you can scope them out. A word of caution, in my view nothing can replace an actual conversation. This is about you fitting them and them fitting you, so get on a call and chat, no one likes a one sided relationship.
  • Get to know their vibe and values. No I’m not going trippy on you but if you’re going to be investing £’s and sharing your desires and business needs, their needs to be a huge level of trust and respect. You want to be able to be honest and open (and cry if needed) and know they’ll do what they can to help you achieve. Without connection, you may as well burn your £’s.
  • Be comfortable with investing. Yes, you may have a twitchy moment (especially if it’s the first time investing in yourself) but there’s a difference between a conscious, fully aware “I’m doing this for me” moment and ah “a $%^& I can’t afford to eat for 6 months”. You’ll know yourself what feels right for you and what your limit is.

Whichever path you choose; DIY or Step by Step Support know that you have options. Do or don’t, please, for your own self, make your decisions from your ❤️ and your head. Remember you are no different to anyone else, make your choice, balance time and money, go own your intentions and Commit, Commit, Commit!

Note: If you do invest know that you’re coach/expert will probably have invested in him or herself too and they know that twitchy bum feeling.

You got this!

Much love,

Laura x

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Laura Jobes