What’s your biggest power?

Here’s the thing and I’m diving straight in with this one. I’ll be chucking a few cliché buzzwords and phrases around and guess what … I make NO apologies! After all it’s that kind of topic.

See sometimes when I write, I’m on a journey, my thought trail wanders, kinda like one of those images in a puzzle book where you follow the wiggly lines. But this one, well this is one which I’m totally clearly on, one that’s been playing over and over in my mind and one that I want to help address the numero uno (1st buzz) topic of mail/message/conversation I have with friends and clients alike. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin..


Ok not quite, but I’m not going to pussyfoot around on this one (told ya, buzz) because it’s the absolute TRUTH!

I hear it, god knows, I’ve said enough clichés myself:

  • “They’ve got their &^)$ figured out” … Like clearly they were born knowing exactly what to do
  • “I don’t know where to start” … So I’m going look on YouTube *8 hours later and still no clearer*
  • “I’ve not got the skills to do it” … So I’m going to watch cats do funny stuff on YouTube
  • “I can’t, it’s too hard” … May as well crack open the wine and accept things as they are
  • “I’m not good enough” … Like what the actual *&^%!

Sound familiar? As I said, I’ve been there. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ve been there. Maybe you’re there now (if that’s the case you must read this). Maybe like me you’re harnessing your power already, but, and this is a cautionary but … sometimes the armour gets a little nick and needs to go in for a service. Sometime your armour needs a little TLC and that’s where you need to get that sorted pronto (buzz) and get it back on you as if you were naked in a crowded room. If you leave it off too long, like Superman to kryptonite those cliché neg, dream killer voices start and that’s not happening to you. Certainly not on my watch!

Now before we dive in with the “yeah Laura, that power stuff but what does it ACTUALLY mean?” I want to set a little background. If you know me, you’ll know I’m no delusional princess (more of a warrior princess), nor am I a bitch (hardfaced in business yes and for your own good, but never a bitch)… If you don’t know me, then we REALLY need to connect.

So let me sum myself up; I’m a realistic dreamer with the work ethic and qualities of a lioness (google her, she’s pretty fierce and the epitomy of girl power!) I truly believe that we can all change our paths (hell, we can do a complete change if we want #IHave), I don’t believe we have to or should ‘settle’ (the word make me shudder), BUT I know that like the lioness we have to harness our strength, harness our power, work for what we want (cliché but soooo true).

See when I say that YOU are your biggest power it’s true. But a little newsflash for you; all the pouting, all the stropping, all the ‘it’s not fairs’, all the wanting, all the wishing, well it means jack if you don’t OWN and USE your power. Remember Superman, he didn’t just stand there did he? He had to go to a phonebox, do a twirl and then go and kick some ass!

Now here’s another (reality) newsflash and I say this with love … “You aren’t the only one doing what you do”. What? Really? Of course you aren’t! There wasn’t just Superman was there? There was Batman, Spiderman, Robin and a host of other guys rocking tights, all doing a similar thing; saving people and making a positive difference. The unique thing (aside from the snazzy outfit) … they all had their own power, they all had their own way of doing it!

So let me give an example; see, I’m a coach. I help ambitious, commited female entrepreneurs package their passion into a business with clarity and strategy that is uniquely them. Upshot; they build a business they love, live a life on their terms and make a great income too. Sounds fab?! IT IS! Am I the only coach out there offering something similar? No! Does that worry me or stop me? Hell No! Why? Because I use my power. I do it my way and no one can do that!

So how do you find your power?

  • What are you passionate about and love doing?
  • What are you good at doing?
  • How can you help others with this skill or expertise?

Three questions that’s all, so commit. When I say commit, I don’t mean ‘do it whilst Emmerdale is on’ or *starts then stops halfway to open FB*. If you really want to tap into your power then switch off from all distractions and give this the attention you deserve. Write the question and then write. Don’t thinks, just write. Overthinking is limiting (now that’s another blog post!) so just roll with it. When you’ve done the first question, move to the next and then the next.

Today I urge you, no, scrap that, I’m hilding you accountable to do the how do you find your power exercise. Don’t tell me you‘re’ busy, you’re a mum, you don’t have time … If you really want to find it surely 10, 20, 40, 60 whatever it takes minutes is worth it! If not, I guess you’re happy as you are (see hardfaced for your own good). If you want an even deeper guide checkout this gift for you.

If you’ve truly allowed your mind to open, allowed yourself limitless thinking in an environment free from distractions you’ll have your power write there in front of you! Congratulations! Now it’s about strategy and that all important element that the superhero’s nailed … Action! I’d love to know what comes up for you and know that if you have that “aha I’ve found my power but no freakin idea what to do next” moment, I’m here to help!

Another reason I ❤️ the lioness; she’s the original head Boss Babe, the J Lo of the animal world. Ladies, like lionesses, when we come together, collaborate, walk together, work together the more we acheive and the more powerful we become … Imagine that!

Much love,

Laura x

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Laura Jobes