What we can learn from Conor!

Today you’ll find me at home, in comfy clothing, no make up, some random movie on in the background and laptop open. Why? Well it’s been a long day already, because like many millions of others I was up watching the much talked about boxing bout > Mayweather v McGregor (4am wake up reminded me of when my children were babies)!

Now, whether you love or loathe boxing, hear me out … See there’s been much talk about this ‘not being a real fight’ and ‘all about the money’, but I’m looking at this from another angle. McGregor knew that Mayweather held (before the fight) an undefeated 49–0 wins, he knew that he, an MMA champion was going up against the top boxer in a field he wasn’t expert in, knew the odds were stacked against him.

Now here’s the thing, none of that mattered. He set the intention, he ignored the naysayers, ignored the stats and followed his ❤️. Add to this the hours and hours of training, the strict diet, the fun he had to say no to … he backed his intention up with action and a ^%$£ load of that vital ingredient — PASSION!

*SPOILER ALERT** — If you watched it, it was a true battle, a true show and had a hell load of character shown throughout. Mayweather won rounds, McGregor won rounds, Mayweather took punches, McGregor took punches but as the rounds progressed, it came down to stamina. The fight was stopped and Mayweather ended his career with an undefeated 50–0 record (not bad for a 40 year old!)

So McGregor’s dream ending didn’t quite work out but let’s look at it a different way:

.:. He followed his passion

.:. He put the effort in totally

.:. He tried and gave all he had

So it got me thinking:

.:. How often do we push down what we desire?

.:. How often do we go half assed?

.:. How often do we give up?

Seriously, at 5am this morning, eyes glazed, watching McGregor as the fight was stopped in the 10th round, I had a moment … If only I stated what I really wanted without fear, if only I committed to what I truly wanted, if only I didn’t get swayed or distracted … Maybe I’d win, maybe not, but like McGregor no-one could say I didn’t give it my all!

So today ladies, I urge you to take a lesson from a man from Ireland who had an unwavering dream. A man who until last night had not had one single professional boxing fight. A man who literally was taking the biggest leap of his life … I ask you, as I ask myself:

.:. Are you following you passion, are you following your ❤️?

.:. Are you doing what it takes (really)?

.:. Are you committed?

Maybe you’re nodding along, you’re totally ready, but maybe you’re dizzy from trying things, maybe you’re like a rabbit in headlights. I’ve been there. I’ve seen where I want to be. I’ve visualised it. I’ve felt it … and I’ve also come crashing down to earth when I’ve realised … It’s not real … It’s not happening … I’ve felt like a failure, I’ve felt like crying, I have cried, a lot!

You don’t need to feel that pain, you don’t need to feel alone, you don’t need to feel overloaded!

If you’re ready, if you want it, if you’ll do what’s needed but lack the how, then like McGregor has his trainer, his cutman, his A team in his corner who’ve got his back, it’s time for you to surround yourself with support and people who want you to succeed. Sounds epic, sounds perfect doesn’t it?

So how can I help? As we move into September I’m focusing on the main thing that I know my clients love, the thing that gets them focused, gets them on their path, gets them out there doing the things they love and actually moving forwards …My two hour ‘Passion To Profit Power Pull’.

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This is why I do what I do and why I’m offering you one of the 8 spots I have for September. And as an extra bonus (love giving!), the first 4 ladies to say “hell yes” get an extra weeks support from me!

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Much love,

Much love,

Laura x

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