Maybe you're already in business but fed up of spinning all the plates and trying to do everything. 

Maybe you're just started out but completely bamboozled with all the information, advice, guidance, rules, must do’s, don’t do’s, etc.


Think for a second, building and running a business can be a mine field:

 - Pricing

 - Audience 

 - Ads 

 - Webinars 

 - Community 

 - Content 

 - Etc etc etc

Add a sprinkling of doubt, procrastination and overwhelm and it's enough to have you sticking your head under the blanket and demanding a duvet day. Newsflash; you’re your own boss, you can do that, but it’s not going to get you where you want to be. 


Maybe you’re having that duvet day, maybe you needed it, but hold up, you're supposed to be enjoying the journey. You're vision was to be sitting at your laptop, coffee in hand, looking at your calendar and feeling fuzzy and excited. It wasn’t to be dreading the morning, looking at an empty inbox, putting things off till the next day (and the next) as you just can’t face doing them. Another week’s gone, the to do list is growing like a kids Christmas list and your vision, your passion is fading. 


Does this make you a failure? No, not at all!

You’re trying, you’re doing, you want this and guess what? You can do it and you can have it!


Running a profitable business (yes, profitable, this isn’t a hobby anymore) doesn’t have to be all absorbing. It doesn’t have to turn you into a zombie. Remember you want you're business to give you more freedom not less!


So whether you’re the overworked bad ass business owner or the passionate starter, my questions to you are: 

  - Are you committed? 

  - Are you ready to invest in you?

  - Are you ready now? 



If you’re ready to pause, redirect and move, the VIP Intensive will get you leaping forwards with clarity. There’ll be no more more doubts. No more meerkat syndrome (watching other people), no more chasing. We’ll map out you’re business so that it attracts the right clients and customers to you, makes you the income you want all whilst keeping your passion burning and giving you the freedom you want. Yes your business can truly love what you do, to love your business as your lifestyle and to actually make money at the same time.


This is an intensive day with follow up support as you implement and is for you if you are absolutely committed to get moving forward NOW! No workbooks, no self study, no multi month course. This is you and me in a beautiful hotel, focusing solely on you with lunch and bubbles included. 


So let’s look at what’s covered on your day.



This is where we look at you, your beliefs, your reasons for doing this and get super clear. So clear that no-one can stop you.

We explore the blockages that are holding you back and reframe them so that you can move forward with ease and confidence.

Lock your intentions (much less corporate than goals), and wrap it with your uniqueness that no-one can imitate. 



This is where we laser in on who is your ideal client and what there issues are

We explore where they are hanging out and how we can reach them.

Lock your ideal client profile so that you’re marketing reaches the right people



This is the fun bit where we really look into your passion, why you love it so much and why you want/wanted it to be a business 

We explore how we can take this passion and with a solid strategy turn it into a business plan that you can execute without stress.

Lock your signature package and offering that stands out from the crowd and meets their needs.



This is all about getting your main message right so that it speaks to your ideal client

We explore the ways in which you can connect with them that feels right for you.

Lock the main communication methods that you will use to attract your ideal client to you.



This is all about you; how you show up, where you will shop up, what method or vehicles you will use to speak directly too your ideal client.

We explore the look you’ll put out; professional, casual, gym bunny, the way that’s uniquely you so that you build your personal brand.

Lock your style idea that feels right for you.



This is all around the strategy to meet your intentions.

We explore the routines and tools that when actioned will get you results

Lock the rituals; daily, weekly and monthly that fit around your life.



This is about commitment, your commitment to yourself 

We explore the importance of consistent persistent action. 

Lock the next steps with a recap, we reflect to project.


The session is shaped to cover your unique needs and time will be allocated accordingly. 


Clarity? Yes 

Focused? Yes

Ready? Yes


You walk away with clarity … You walk away knowing that you can take your passion, turn it into a business, love your business as your lifestyle and to actually make money at the same time.


Investment: £2,250